05 September 2013

ESPN, NYC Drone Crashes no Sporting Matter [video]

You'd think the spectacle of a couple dozen bulls chasing after humans -- a "bull run" -- would be the visual highlight of this Virginia event. Instead, the first ever Dinwiddie County Great Bull Run of August 2013 featured the crash of an ESPN camera drone into spectator stands.

According to an event organizer quoted in The Verge, the battery for the device failed. It remains unclear why Rob Dickens said that this failure will be common. "It was a freak thing," he was quoted as saying.

The craft was small, and the damage slight, but this sort of incident is unlikely to be ignored by the FAA and others setting up regulations for domestic civilian use of UAVs.

In an unrelated story reported on WNYC radio on 5 September, a man was killed by a remote controlled device. It was not immediately known whether he was the operator, but he was found in a location where RPVs are permitted.

This story and video provided via The Verge.

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