Northrop Grumman X47B (Wikipedia Commons)


Knowlengr is interested in machine intelligence for unmanned vehicles and devices. Contact me for stories you would like to share, interview opportunities, writing engagements, or projects involving fusion and situation awareness.

Knowlengr Technology Blogs

  •  Knowledge-based systems and innovations.
  • Commentaries on specific software problems with solutions, including consumer tips.
  • A software #fail chronology. Glimpses into software quality, design and operational failures
  • A professional slant on personal experiences with Customer Service departments. Did call center time myself, so I'm entitled.
  • Quality ratings for job descriptions in knowledge management
  • Systems for Dull, Dirty and Dangerous Duty, including Unmanned (“Drone”) Systems for Science and Defense
  • Gallery of screenshots with occasional commentary of error messages from software
  • Site attempts to highlight the ongoing usefulness of Miller's framework for the first stage, if not the most important stage, of human multi-stage memory.
  • Capsule highlights or simple listings of pro audio equipment.
  • Posts on look at ways in which enterprises implement what they "know."

DarkViolin Arts and Society Blogs

  • Book and essay reviews for literary fiction, poetry and selected nonfiction.
  • Music and arts reviews, including live music reviews in Long Island.
  • commentary on transparency initiatives -- genuine and otherwise -- within technology communities. I also survey technology-facilitated attempts to enhance transparency.
  • Occasional events and commentary on naturalist / author Loren Eiseley.
  • Commentary on Social Trends and Sustainability
  • Reviews of violin solos and performers in contemporary music.