04 May 2009

Fire Scout's Checkered Past

A story by Defense Industry Daily (DID) observes that the Fire Scout VTUAV program has suffered its share of wind shear. First the Navy started it, then canceled it. The Army picked it up. Then Navy reconsidered and restarted funding. DID points out that its destiny is tied to two controversial, and large programs, Future Combat Systems, and Littoral Combat Ships.

An undated announcement at the NAVAIR web site signals a departure from this predicament.
Recently, Mr. John S. Thackrah, ASN (RDA) approved the decoupling of the VTUAV program schedule from the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS). This will maintain the VTUAV FY09 Initial Operating Capability. The Fleet Forces Command is in the process of identifying an air-capable ship to use for integrated testing. This capability will be delivered to the warfighters as soon as possible. [Viewed May 4, 2009].

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